Separated, Yet Included - Space management is always the biggest challenge when you design your home or office. You need dedicated areas that are part of the space yet separated for the rest, simply for the practicality or even for just the aesthetics of it. Our customized ready partition solutions are perfect for you, with technology that is edgy and solution that is very affordable.
aristo - synchro room partition manufacturers in india

Synchro System

Our perfectly synchronized opening mechanism, allows both the doors to open by just pulling one door, this a perfect solution for walk-in wardrobes or for conference room entrance. The outcome of the top hanging system is a track free floor which makes it perfect for interior doors. This system comes with two mounting options - ceiling and floor.

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aristo india - train system room partitions in bangalore

Train System

This Top-Mounted system is the best for space separation and zoning when ceiling support is strong. As these doors stack themself on top of each other when opened. It gives a look & feel of vastness, the new telescopic rail system provides effortless movement of the doors.

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aristo india - fixed system - best room partitions in bangalore

Fixed System

The system is applicable for space separation and zoning. It’s a very crucial element as every moveable element needs a fix element to create the desired effect or zone. This can be setup like glass walls and they are blended in with any of our signature opening mechanism as required. The partition is fixed to the floor and the ceiling & can be easily mounted without tampering the walls. This system can be easily dismantled, it is safe, practical and acts like a functional temporary wall.

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aristo india - slide fold system - best room partitions manufactures in bangalore

Slide-Fold System

Slide-Folding doors are the perfect solution for saving space.
This compact design is best applied in small rooms, narrow corridors, and niche corners where just a sliding system is not practical.

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pivot room partitions in aristo india, bangalore

Pivot System

Swing system is perfect for designing wardrobes with a narrow door aperture, where the sliding system is non-functional. This system uses pivots in floor to ceiling concept to mount perfectly without a carcass.

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